Our Mediterranean HEAL™ Program has launched!

We're proud to launch HEAL™, our 8-week group lifestyle modification program at the University of Adelaide. We have a very motivated group of participants who are using recipes from our cooking demonstrations, improving their fitness in our group exercises and learning all about nutrition and the mediterranean diet to help lower their cholesterol. We have ongoing enrollement so you can join in with us at anytime and immediately start to improve an area of your lifestyle that has been off track.   

The Mediterranean Diet is an inclusive approach that reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke over 5 years by 30%. What an intervention! Our Greek chef has taught us numerous Greek Mediterranean recipes that you can taste, watch us cook and even prepare at home. Across 8-weeks, our HEAL Program Exercise Physiologists can personalise the group exercise sessions to your needs and even help you with a personalised exercise program to complete at home.

Finally, our Dietitians are delivering the group education that will help you focus on changing the way you eat to being more aligned with a healthful Mediterranean style. You'll get plenty of time to ask all the questions you'd like about nutrition and the reasons why this approach to healthy eating is great for lowering your cholesterol and improving your metabolic and mental health. We are running the program on Monday nights from 6:45pm–8:45pm and we're hoping to see you there. If you want a kick-start to an improved lifestyle, call us to sign up for the Mediterranean HEAL Program. You can reach us on (08) 7226 2919

You can also read more about the HEAL Program on our services page or download our HEAL Program Flyer