Nutrition Health Experts - Prospect


Specialist and Allied Health Centre,

100 Prospect Road, Prospect, South Australia 5082

08 7226 2919

For all inquiries and appointment bookings at this clinic, please call: (08) 7226 2919


Car parking and access to our clinic: Enter the Specialist and Allied Health Centre from Prospect Road. Parking your vehicle is usually easy with car parking space available for 12 cars. You can access the carpark via Rose Street, in a car park located at the rear of the building. When you arrive, please report to the main reception area to alert the receptionist of your arrival. Please do this for every appointment with the Dietitian. Wheelchair access is always available at this clinic. 


Consulting days and times:

Thursdays: 12:00pm - 4:00pm


Dietitian: Stelios Sioutis 

Fax number: (08) 7226 2921