The Mediterranean Diet


Anyone prescribed statin medication could be doing more to improve their cholesterol by focusing on a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in monounsaturated fat, antioxidants and soluble fibre.Stelios Sioutis, APD

The Mediterranean Diet is now considered to be the optimal dietary approach to improve metabolic health and more specifically the blood cholesterol profile in people with or at risk of getting cardiovascular disease. The Mediterranean dietary approach is a tasty way of enjoying food whilst also achieving a significant improvement in blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Adhering to a Mediterranean-style diet can assist in the prevention of primary and secondary cardiovascular events (like heart attacks and strokes). You can use this approach to achieve a reduction in the "bad" LDL-cholesterol and an increase in "good" HDL-cholesterol. Such a dietary approach is also supported by Diabetes Australia, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the British Heart Foundation and the Mayo Clinic for achieving favourable outcomes in cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

About The HEAL™ Program

If you are wanting to learn more about this approach to wellbeing, you can join into The Healthy Eating Activity and Lifestyle (HEAL™) Program at any time. HEAL™ is a lifestyle modification program that enables participants to develop lifelong healthy eating and physical activity behaviours through participation in motivational interviewing, goal setting, food group education, label reading, addressing any emotional eating, Mediterranean cooking demonstrations and physical activity. HEAL™ consists of eight weekly group education and group exercise sessions as well as individual consultations pre- and post-program. 

What's Involved?

The cost of participating is normally $590.00, however, to help us launch this new program into our community, it will be offered at half price ($295.00) for the first 15 participants. Unfortunately, no Medicare funding is available for participants of this program, however, private health funds do offer rebates from $50-$350, depending on the level of extras cover they have. The GP or medical specialist will need to complete an approval form from one of these health funds in order for their patient to access this rebate benefit:

Session Details

The HEAL Program runs weekly on Monday evenings at the University of Adelaide. Sessions are 2 hours in length held from 6:45pm – 8:45pm.

Location: The University of Adelaide, Barr Smith Lawns - HEAL Kitchen Marquee, Victoria Drive, Adelaide, SA 5005  

Multi-disciplinary team:

Accredited Practising Dietitian: Mr Stelios Sioutis, Nutrition Health Experts

Accredited Exercise Physiologist: Mr Addison Burns, NJF Wellness

Student Dietitian and cook: Miss Matia Kapsambelis, Flinders University

Greek Cuisine Chef: Mr Andreas Hatzimarkou 

To reserve a place in this group program, call (08) 7226 2919 or email us using our contact form.