Weight Management

Only 20% of people who try to lose weight, maintain their weight loss after 3 years.

The main reason for the low success rate for weight loss is because people choose to restrict eating beyond sensible dieting, which becomes unsustainable in the long run. Understanding how much food your body needs to be successful in weight loss is where a dietitian can be a helpful expert to lean on. We have a range of strategies to help our clients achieve weight reduction and maintain it long-term.

Individual consultations: Choose a dietary approach that you prefer, and we will show you how to achieve the right portions of the right foods.

Choose from the Mediterranean, low fat or low carbohydrate approach, and we will prepare a personalised eating guide for your needs.  

Need some creativity in your meals?
We can create a personalised eating plan with 21 recipes that are tailored to your health goals, so you don't have to work it out for yourself. 

Addressing comfort eating: Addresses the emotional side of eating and helps you tune into your own signals for hunger and fullness to get in control of any non-hungry eating. 

We encourage our clients to move away from dieting, learn to recognise their hunger and fullness signals, enjoy eating delicious and satisfying foods and achieve their weight loss goals gradually. We can design a simple eating guide that includes all the foods you need to achieve nourishment, good appetite control and weight loss. We also provide ongoing support to keep you motivated to reach your health goals. 

Contact us for further information about our different approaches to weight reduction.