Weight Manangement

Achieving and maintaining weight reduction is a rare feat of our society. Often weight loss is accompanied by weight re-gain by conventional methods of restrictive eating or excessive physical activity. Unfortunately, when any weight reduction is achieved via an unsustainable approach, weight re-gain is guaranteed. The very design of all weight reduction attempts should be inclusive of all food groups to achieve nourishment and good appetite control; should be individualised to the circumstances of that person; and should provide ongoing support to achieve the strategies recommended. Only then will it be possible to achieve a favourable outcome, long-term.

Long-term Weight Reduction

We have a range of strategies to help our clients achieve weight reduction and maintain it long-term.

  • Individual consultations with ongoing support
  • Personalised eating plans with recipes
  • Personalised healthy eating guides with tracking diary
  • The HEAL™ Program: Group lifestyle modification program
  • Comfort eating support program – addressing the emotional side of eating  

Contact us for further information about our different approaches to weight reduction.