Nutrition Health Experts

We provide high-quality dietary advice to help South Australians to eat better and feel better. Our Accredited Practising Dietitians utilise advanced techniques and the latest dietetic knowledge to help our clients change their eating behaviours for life. The skills we employ to help our clients include:

  • the nutrition care process,
  • evidence-based decision making,
  • motivational interviewing,
  • acceptance commitment therapy,
  • eating with awareness,
  • intuitive eating, and
  • cognitive behaviour therapy.

These skills can be called upon at any time we see fit in order to provide you with the most useful strategies to engage you into dietary behaviour change that will improve your specific health needs. We always advocate for using whole foods first to help our community of clients improve their health and we minimise the reliance upon supplemental nutrition, where possible.

Strategy & Philosophy

Our team is best suited to helping clients seeking dietary advice for weight management, eating disorder recovery, food intolerance diagnosis, nourishment during oncology treatment, and chronic disease management (including diabetes and heart disease).

Our philosophy of dietetic advice combines the Australian Dietary Guidelines with the Mediterranean dietary approach, which is favoured for improving metabolic health, achieving longevity and promoting mental wellbeing. We are confident our personalised service will give you the tools to change because we know if you eat better, you will feel better.