Nutrition Health Experts

Our completely South Australian nutrition consulting service provides dietary advice to help South Australians to eat better and feel better. Our Accredited Practising Dietitians:

- spend time listening to the health outcomes that are important to our clients

- always suggest our clients use whole foods first and avoid unnecessary supplements

- design eating guides that achieve the health outcomes our clients want

- provide realistic and personalised food strategies that deliver long-term results

Our team helps South Australians seeking dietary advice for weight management, eating disorder recovery, food intolerance diagnosis, nourishment during oncology treatment, and chronic disease management (including diabetes and heart disease).

We play with numerous dietary strategies including the Australian dietary guidelines, Mediterranean, low-carb, low FODMAP, elimination and failsafe, high-energy+high-protein and Health At Every Size. The reason Nutrition Health Experts exists is to be nutritional guide that allows our clients to explore reliable dietary approaches for wellness. Once you find your approach, we will guide you to put in place useful strategies that get you focussed on eating better for your needs.

Let us lead the way and we’ll guide you into an easy and satisfying approach to eating that can achieve nourishment, performance, metabolic health, gut happiness, longevity and mental wellness. We are confident our personalised service will give you the tools to change your eating, your way.

Know your food, love your food.