Nutrition Health Experts

Our nutrition consulting service provides dietary advice to help you eat better and feel better. Our Accredited Practising Dietitians:

  • spend time understanding the circumstances and challenges that can be faced with an eating disorder 
  • consider your wellbeing from the perspective of your physical, psychological and social experiences 
  • help you embrace food to achieve health, avoiding unnecessary nutritional supplements and restrictive eating practices 
  • help you see the nourishing value of food-inclusion for health and shifts your focus away from restrictive diets
  • work together on realistic, collaborative strategies that improve your eating behaviours 

Our team helps South Australians seeking dietary advice for eating disorder recovery that can achieve nutritional rehabilitation, escape the misery of an eating disorder, address body image concerns and reconnect with the forgotten joyful aspects of life without an eating disorder.  

We have embraced the non-diet approach, which allows you access to a method of freedom from dieting. This will include acceptance of all foods, acceptance of your body's hunger cues, acceptance of your body, all leading you to your optimal health. 

Let us guide you into a satisfying approach to eating that can achieve nourishment and mental wellness. We're confident our personalised service will provide the right environment to help you change your eating, in your own personal way.

Know your food, love your food