Downloadable Resources

We're pleased to be able to provide you with the following documents to assist your journey:

Client Information Form

Please complete the Client Information Form prior to your first appointment.

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3-Day Food Diary

Please document all your food and fluid intake over 3 separate days prior to attending your initial appointment with one of our Dietitians. You can access our 3-day Food Diary here

Download (PDF)

7-Day Food & Symptom Diary

If you respond favourably to the elimination diet or the low FODMAP diet, it will be worth challenging those foods systematically to achieve a specific diagnosis. During the phase of food challenges, the 7-day food and symptom diary will help you to track any symptoms you experience alongside your food intake across the day. This helps us to provide you with an assessment that contributes to the medical diagnosis of your food intolerances.

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SCOFF Questionnaire

The SCOFF questionnaire can be used by any health professional to assist in the clarification of suspicion of anyone living with an eating disorder. Should the client answer yes to 2 or more questions, further questioning would be warranted and may even lead to the referral of that client to a specialised eating disorder service provider.

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Eating with Awareness Record

Whether non-hungry eating or disordered eating behaviours occur, this record can help you to reflect on your thoughts, satisfaction, speed, hunger and fullness before and after meals.

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Fibre Counter

A way of increasing your dietary intake of plant food fibre that your gut microbes will thrive on

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Listeria Food Poisoning Brochure

Information about listeria food poisoning risk can be found in this brochure published by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand

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Meal planner

Get organised with a meal planner for the week ahead

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Student Wellbeing

The dietary fibre content of the salads showcased during student wellbeing week

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Mexican Black Bean and Sweet Corn Salad

Mexican black bean and sweet corn salad

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Missed Appointment Policy

Please provide at least 24 hours of notice for any appointment cancellations, to avoid a Missed Appointment Fee being issued

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