Consultation fees

Initial consult

80-minutes $250


Review consult

60 minutes $210

40 minutes $150

30 minutes $120


Missed appointment fee



Medicare rebate from an Eating Disorder Treatment and Management Plan or a GP Management Plan

$58.30 for each consult (limits up to 20 per annum apply) 


Extended Medicare Safety Net 

The Medicare rebate mentioned above increases to a higher amount (up to ~$180) when your Extended Medicare Safety Net threshold is reached, meaning a 60 minute consult will cost ~$30 in out of pocket costs.

You will receive a higher rebate for all Medicare-rebated services throughout the remainder of the calendar year. You can reach this threshold when you spend a certain amount of out of pocket costs on Medicare-rebated services in a calendar year. This is common when participating in an Eating Disorder Treatment and Management Plan. Please find your Medicare out of pocket costs total for the year in the Medicare App or on the myGov website (login, click Medicare, click Safety Net).

Your total amount of out of pocket costs will be displayed in a bar graph labelled General Threshold and is set to $2,544 for the year. If you also qualify for the Medicare concessional threshold, then the amount of out of pocket costs you need to spend in a year to qualify reduces to $811. 

These fees were up to date on 8th April 2024.