Stelios Sioutis

With experience in primary healthcare, 2 research publications in leading nutrition journals, a quality education at Australian Universities and a commitment to professional development, Stelios is well suited to guiding you into dietary advice that helps you to eat better and feel better.

Utilising the skills of motivational interviewing, Stelios has a notable ability to challenge an individual's dietary choices and engage them into behaviour change talk. Since 2011, he has been consulting with individual clients in General Practice rooms across Adelaide, working regularly with clients managing a chronic disease to improve their metabolic health from a lifestyle perspective.

Stelios has specialised knowledge in the dietary management of eating disorders and works closely with specialised psychologists to contribute to the recovery of both adolescents and adults living with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. He has also developed a keen interest in the numerous health benefits of the Mediterranean dietary approach to educate clients with Diabetes and Heart Disease to achieve better metabolic health. He also supports clients with the dietary management of food intolerances whereby diagnosis of the intolerances and establishment of a nourishing eating plan can be achieved.

Stelios' focus on a quality service ensures together you negotiate and achieve the outcomes that are important to you from the latest evidence-based information in food and nutrition science.