How to recover from an Eating Disorder in Adelaide

Our eating disorder dietitian provides treatment services to our clients living with an eating disorder to correct disordered eating behaviours. We can assist clients who have been diagnosed as having (or suspect they have) Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) or general disordered eating behaviours. Our sessions are personalised to provide dietary counselling that is aligned with current best-practice standards in the treatment of Eating Disorders. We work collaboratively with psychiatrists and psychologists across Adelaide that all share a special interest in eating disorder treatment. Together we strive to achieve recovery and remission from the eating disorder in each and every client we treat. 

Bulimia Nervosa Treatment

We assist clients to change any binge eating behaviours via the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for eating disorders (CBT-e) model for treating Bulimia Nervosa. Together we can correct unnecessary restriction of whole foods and enforce regular eating patterns by acting as a supportive coach armed with CBT-e principles. You can expect a high-level of ongoing support to change your eating behaviours and the way you think about food. You will gain skills that help you change your binge-eating habits, help you to regain control of eating and move towards a way of life where food doesn't dominate your thoughts.

Some key topics our eating disorder dietitian can work with you to learn include: 

  • Do I have an eating disorder? 
  • Are you ready to change
  • Effects of bingeing and purging
  • Effects of starvation 
  • What does normal eating look like
  • Eating regularly
  • Widening your food choices
  • Increasing energy intake
  • Intuitive eating
  • Eating with awareness
  • Regaining control of eating

Anorexia Nervosa Treatment for Adolescents

Our eating disorder dietitian will work with parents wanting to prepare adequate meals for their adolescent within the framework of the Family Based Therapy (FBT) model of treating Anorexia Nervosa. In this model, the parents are the experts in delivering meals that align with the taste preferences of their child. We can work with parents to ensure these meals are nourishing enough to achieve the weight gain targets set-up by the treatment team for eating disorder recovery. Meals will be planned collaboratively with specific guides on meal portions, food quality and meal frequency. Using family therapy skills, you will learn skill to re-feed your child and this will allow for weight regain into the healthy weight range. As the adolescent progresses in regaining nourishment, our eating disorder dietitian will introduce skills into the adolescent to become more independent in their eating, widen their food choices, address fear foods, break down food rules, eat normal, regular meals.

Disordered Eating Treatment

Disordered eating can be food restriction, fasting or FAD dieting to achieve weight loss; fussy eating that excludes core foods; or disproportionate intake of nutrients to achieve muscular gain. Each scenario brings about behaviours of concern that will have negative implications on health. We use the principles of 'Eating With Awareness' and 'Intuitive Eating' when working with clients to address non-hungry eating and portion control where sub-clinical disordered eating behaviours are present. 

If you have disordered eating behaviours, our eating disorder dietitian can help you to:

  • normalise your eating,
  • learn to recognise and respond to your natural signals of hunger and fullness,
  • address any non-hungry eating with positive actions away from food,
  • normalise your speed of eating, and 
  • feel more satisfied from eating food you love 

To discuss your circumstances further or to book an appointment with our eating disorder dietitian in Adelaide, contact us