Nutrition for Better Mental Health

Mental Health Nutrition is an emerging field of nutrition, dietetic and psychological sciences that explores the changes that nutritional interventions can make to one's mental health. Inflammation in the brain is thought to be a major cause of mental health illnesses and this inflammation can come about from a long period of poor eating. Healthy eating can protect against this inflammation in the brain and can even improve your cognitive function (which is a fancy word for cleverness and predicts for your ability to be witty and creative).  

At Nutrition Health Experts, we are leading the way in promoting the benefits of eating well to help alleviate the burden of living with anxiety and depression. Using clever nutritional strategies, we have helped our clients to improve their mental health by eating food that nourishes the brain. Feeding the gut loads of indigestible plant goodness, optimising the metabolism with waves of bioactive nutrients and lubricating the brain with a drizzle of golden oil are just some of the many dietary strategies that are known to help improve our mental health.

In research studies, changes in mental health have been measured by taking surveys before and after a period of healthy eating. We now know that healthy eating can modify the scores that people give, when they are being surveyed for their psychological and social wellbeing. These surveys are well designed to precisely test and measure changes in people's mood, happiness, coping skills, relationship satisfaction and self-worth, all of which improve, when people with anxiety and depression have been enjoying the "goodness" of mental health nutrition.

We are working with more and more people who are benefiting from this exciting new field of nutrition and hope that you too can benefit from our mental health nutrition advice. Get in touch with us today to set-up a consultation or to find out more about our services.